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There are 5 ways to contact us: 
1) Use the questions form below, we will get back to you in 48 hours
2) You can call us on: 0803 297 8011 as follows
If your calls are not getting through, please send an SMS or Email.
Phone Calls:              0803 297 8011 (On Appointments Only) 

WhatsApp/SMS:         0803 297 8011 (Mon to Fri, 9am – 5pm, messages Only) 

Appointments:           Book Online - Click Here

Complete the form below to book phone call appointments.
3) By sending a mail direct to info [@]

4) FREE ONLINE CONTACT US FORUMS: You can now contact us by email, the contact-us form below, WhatsApp and SMS Free of charge, you would get a response to your inquiry within 7 working days.

In other to reach more clients out with a limited geographical region, we have moved from our old offices. All our operations are now online as we have moved all office operations to an online presence only.

We are committed to delivering valuable consultation services to our clients and maintaining an online-only presence has contributed to our ability to reach clients outside Lagos.

5) FACE-TO-FACE Consultations: You can now contact any of our consultants directly face-to-face for meetings, consultations and inquiries on skype online. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and you get to ask all your questions and we provide you with the advice you need to have your travel issues resolved.

How To Pay for And Book Your Online Face-to-Face Appointment
Please make your payments to any of the banks listed on our order page  - click here
You can also make payments online using the payment button below
Book an Appoinment here
To book Skype Appointments, click the button below
Skype Appointments
After payment, come here to the contact page and send your teller details
stating “I Paid for Travel Appointment“, we will get back to you with an
appointment date and time.
What to Do If You Have Been Refused A Visa:
Evaluation of Rejected Visa Application 

If you have been refused a Visa and you would like us to evaluate your refusal towards a new application. This is what to do.

We have to take a look at the forms of your previous application to be able to comment on the possibility of success with another application or a review or re-evaluation. This can only be done in a 10 to 15mins email consultation, where you scan and email us the rejection letters, previously completed forms, list of documents submitted plus a payment confirmation for email consultation on Evaluation of Rejected Application. Please click here  to sign up and make payments for email consultation and evaluation of your visa refusal.

Unfortunately, we are unable to advice or consult with those who do not sign up for a consultation. This is because we are an advisory agency which implies that until we know all of the details of your previous application, and see the forms and documents submitted in its respect, we

are unable advice towards your next application. Plus, signing up for consultation shows that the client has a strong commitment towards getting a solution to their individual cases and it helps in weeding out time wasters so that we can give you the detailed attention you deserve.

Once payments are made, kindly email us the payment teller / information, your passport bio-data page, all forms of former application, rejection letters and scanned documents submitted for previous application. These will be evaluated to inform you of how to proceed with the next applications.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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