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ServiceForts aims at a very high success rate for all categories of temporary and permanent visas that we process; we guarantee to fully assess your information and provide you with our recommendation regarding your best options for obtaining a visa. At ServiceForts Travels and Tours Ltd, we provide the following services to our clients:

Visa Consulting Service:

Below are the following services we offer:

Spot-The-Error Consulting Services

Under this service package, you the applicant will put your documents together (yourself or using our guidebook). You will complete your forms, arrange your documents as we specified in our guidebook.

Then you will book an appointment to see us in the office for a 45 Minutes consultation. So that we can help you spot any errors that may be in your forms, documents or package before you submit your application.

The essence of you taking advantage of this service is so that an expert can take a look at your documents and help you eliminate possible rejection errors that only trained experts can detect in an application. And with just a small service fee, you can protect all the time, money and paper work you invested in putting your application together.

From-The-Scratch Consulting

Under this package, we guide you from the beginning of your visa application process, we show you how to complete the form; put together your travel plan and walk you through all the application process from scratch. You rely on our 15 years of visa application process as We work with you to produce a winning visa application from the very beginning.

Do-It-Yourself using our guidebooks

Under this package, you simple purchase our guide book and follow the professional tips, processes, advise and step by step guide outlined in the book to put together your visa application.

Visa Procurement

We procure visa for certain countries for you. By this we mean, you submit your passport and we ask you a few questions based on the requirements of the country you intend to visit and then we process the visa on your behalf.

Such countries include: Duabi and 3 Other Countries. Please ask for list of countries from . Under this package, terms and condition apply.

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Booking Appointments

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