European Cruise

Congratulations! You are Cruising to Europe

You’ll Be Absolutely Blown Away With So Much Fun and Entertainment in Eleven Exotic Cities with ports, You’ll never want to return After Your Trip!

 Here’s what
you’ll get on our “11Days Of
Fun Cruise Package

Whether You are Holiday-ing, Vacation-ing, On Honeymoon, Celebrating your Wedding Anniversary, Celebrating Your Spouse’ Birthday, Taking a Break from the stress of life or Taking the Team on a Business Bonding Trip, this 11Days Cruise Package will give you the following:

1.We will put you up in a luxurious mini-suite for 15,840 minutes, a whole eleven Days on a world class
ocean hotel liner

2.We will host on eleven city ports with easy access to all famous centers.

3. If you do not already have a Visa, we will help you meet all the requirements and arrange for your  guaranteed visa with the Embassy

4. We will also help you sort out Visa eligibility requirements

5. We will guarantee you and everyone on this trip with you, breakfast, lunch and dinner for complete 11 Days on the European Cruise holiday

6. We will let you drink as much as you want for FREE, whether you are in your luxurious state-room, watching the sun set on the ship deck, at the  state dinning room or in one of the lounges for the whole 11 Days holiday in Europe

7. We will fly you from Lagos to Your embankment port in Europe, transport you from the airport to the cruise ship and transport you back to Lagos from Europe.

8. We will arrange for you to sail into Valencia in Spain and Civitavecchia in Rome and Italy on one of the Top 3 Vacation Ships in the world

9. We will have you picked up at the airport  and transferred to your hotel room on arrival and at the end of your trip when you are returning to Nigeria from the cruise, I will also have you picked up and transferred to your state cruise room from the airport.. You will never have to worry about transportation to and from the airports through out your holiday.

10. If you come along with your kids, they will be kept busy with so much fun so you can have some romantic time with your partner.

11. We will give you FREE Tickets to a show of your choice on one of the top 3 Cruise liners in the world.

12. We will give you and everyone who goes with you on this trip a free ticket for a one day visit to Gaze at the masterpieces of the Vatican or walk into the past with visits to ancient relics, historic monuments and legendary museums. Or people-watch while sipping on an espresso in a quaint cafe.

13. We will arrange for a 24 hours stop over at The world’s second smallest country Monte Carlo, Monaco, which is big on glitz and glamour. Perhaps best known for its breathtaking casino and headline-making royal family, Monte Carlo is all manicured streets, impressive palaces and lush city parks. You will see first hand how the rich and famous live and play.

14. We will guarantee you and every one on this trip with you 8 Lunch buffets for your entire holiday trip to the Bahamas.

15. If it is your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, we will guarantee you one candle lit romantic dinner in a French or Italian restaurant on a World Class Ocean Liner

16. We will guarantee your access to a 24-hour food court-style eatery featuring everything from hamburgers to fast-wok dishes 24/7 through out your 7 days holiday in the Bahamas.

17. We will arrange for you to attend Daily professional live entertainment, and Broadway and Vegas styled shows every single night of your 7 nights on the Ocean Liner.

18. Our Package INCLUDES All Cruise Fees! That means, all port charges, government fees and taxes are included in the package price. Note: Cruise online rates do NOT include gov. fees and taxes, but our package covers it ALL for you!

19. We will arrange for you to be able to Visit exotic locations and share the experiences with your family and friends (if you bring them along)…these are moments you’ll remember for a lifetime!


You’ll get

everything listed above on our “11Days Of
Fun Cruise Package

Obviously We are not going to give this incredible deal to everyone in Nigeria. There can only be seven (7) of these holiday packages available. It will be on First come, first served. And  because of Visa Application Reasons, Click here for early registrations

Why Should You Trust Us To Deliver on All The Promises
We have Made Above?


Frankly, if we haven’t delivered on our promise, then we would be embarrassed to keep your Money without paying dearly for it!. We are really serious. Either We keep our promises to you or you get
ONE return tickets to Italy (Rome) valid for 365 days FREE!

We Either Keep All the Promises We have

Listed Above or You Walk Away With *ONE
FREE Return Ticket Worth N250,000 to

(Rome) Valid for 365 Days!

It’s that simple.

Now you might be wondering how we can afford to make such a powerful no-lose guarantee where 100% of the risk is on our shoulders at VacationCruiseWorld, and none is on yours. Well the truth is, it’s not really a big risk on our part. Because we have already had to do it at a much higher level and we have consistently delivered. Here’s what we mean: When people pay us N997k or N3.5Million to give them a group or family vacation and holiday that helps them escape their life of hard work and stress they’re usually looking for an un-common experience for themselves, they are looking for fun, to get away from the stressful affairs
of life and to meet new people
. And that’s exactly what we give them. So it’s no wonder why a high percentage of our past customers keep enrolling in our vacation and holiday programs, year after year. So I’m sure you’ll agree, if we can consistently produce un-common holiday experiences at our higher ticket vacation programs (where the pressure is far greater) – then it would be incredibly easy for us to do the same, when participating travelers have paid much less. So above is our official guarantee that you can print out and keep for your records.

Remember, because of Visa Application Reasons,
click here for early registrations

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Best Regards,

Efe Imiren

Vacations Director

For: ServiceForts Travels Ltd (Owners:

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P.P.S If you have a question call me at 0803 297 8011 or 0809 998 8011. You could also drop by at our office, ServiceForts Travels Ltd, 2B Oyetola Street, Off Salvation, Opebi,

Please watch out for the heavy traffic at salvation bus-stop during working hours. P.P.P. S. We expect an avalanche of response to this letter. Remember, this is a 11Days holiday deal to get away from the stress and work, to meet new people, spend your holiday, honeymoon or anniversary in style and to see 11 Hot Cities in Europe including the cities of opulence and wealthy living -
Rome and Monte Carlo, Monaco with a FREE Ticket to see Carthage, Tunisia and Experience the
ruins of what was once one of the greatest cities of the ancient world. PLUS you are guaranteed *ONE FREE Return Ticket Worth N250,000 to Italy (Rome) Valid for 365 Days, If we don’t keep our promises. It’s important to go to
click here right now to fill out the form and answer the questions; we will get back to you within seconds of completing the form!

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