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"7 Days US/Bahamas Cruise and Other Countries @N950,000 only. Includes 2Years Visa. See Registration Deadline On Application Form"

All the following are included in this Years' Package:

  • Letter of Invitation

  • Visa Processing and Guidance

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks

  • Registration for Cruise

  • Exciting 4-7 Days Cruise

  • Complimentary Cruise Guide

  • 2 Years US Visa

  • Bahamas Entry Visa

  • Download Brochure and application form for N1,000 only. It will be deposited towards your N950k registration fees.

  • To qualify for this trip you must have a job/business, earn minimum N95,000 monthly and must be able to prove you have traveled or vacationed outside Nigeria in the Past. Singles, Couples and Families are welcome to apply.

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Answers to Some FAQs

Question: I'm interested in the trip but the issue is that I do not have a fat account though I work and earn above N95,000 monthly.
Answer: You need a regular account and a job/business with proof of payments of your monthly income and proof you have set foot outside this country in the past. If you meet the requirement, you can go ahead to apply. A fat account is irrelevant.

Question: Will you provide all the documents for me?
Answer: There is no document you'll be asked to provide that you don't already have as a worker/business person

Question: What if I am denied a visa, is there a refund?
Answer: If you are at the risk of a denial, we inform you before your interview to address the issue and prevent it. Yes, we have a refund policy for denials. However, our screening process for applicants has continuously strengthened our 98% application success rates.

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